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Portable Toilet Rentals

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Whether you have a long-term construction site, are setting up for a major event like the Berry Harvest, or are just hosting a large gathering, Burke Septic & Pumping has your portable toilet rental needs covered.

It’s tough enough trying to get an event set up, and you don’t want to limit your location options just to take care of basic bathroom needs. Portable toilet rentals can be delivered to your location of choice in Whatcom County. They’re almost weightless and have special chemicals to reduce hassle with waste. It’s clog free, no plumbing problems.

Here’s what you can look forward to by renting through Burke Septic:

  • Eco-Friendly Product: We deliver single-size units composed of 90 percent recycled material. Burke Septic & Pumping is  an environmentally conscious business.
  • Getting to the Bottom of Your Needs: We provide the basic amenities that all portable toilets should have, such as antibacterial hand-gel dispensers and toilet paper.
  • Flexibility on the Dollar: We offer a fair range of prices dependent on the length of time you’ll be needing our portable toilet rentals.

Give us a call now to get a simple solution for your portable toilet needs. We’ve got you covered!

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